I owed the IRS over $900,000 for over eight years. Mr. Kennelly identified a solution where I actually did not pay a penny!

Dr. M

My husband owed the IRS over $400,000 and my name was linked to the balance owing. I had a tax lien and my wages were being garnished. I had spent thousands of dollars on accountants and lawyers. Within 2 hours Mr. Kennelly was able to resolve the problem and clear my name.

Mrs. Alice H

I had not filed a tax return in over ten years. I was afraid to open a bank account. I was living in fear of the IRS. Mr. Kennelly filed a power of attorney and began representing me. Soon I was caught up with all filings. Now I am above board.

Richard A

I had no records and did not know where to go. I had not filed for five years. Mr. Kennelly was able to retrieve my income history, directly from the IRS, during our initial meeting. Within one week, all five years were complete and ready for filing.

Sandy B

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